The Gypsy's Daughter

In the mood for gypsies, tightrope walkers, murder, romance and magic?
Yes? Well, then come inside. Have a seat. Anywhere's fine. No, I'm afraid you'll have to snuggle up on one of the cushions, they are extremely comfortable. I made sure of that, (wink). 

The Gypsy community of Myrrh is stalked by terror; a murderer is among them. 

Full moon brings with it, grisly murders; the Market is the scene of brutal slayings. Gypsy women are targeted, their throats slit left dying with two silver coins in their palms. 

Lila le Fay is thrust into danger with a witch called Willow as her sole protector. 

It’s up to Lila and her tightrope walker friend, Simeon, to identify the killer. 

And Lila could be next. 

It is currently uploaded on the Harper Collins writing community - Authonomy:
The Gypsy's Daughter

I'm currently seeking agent representation or publication. It hasn't been published before and is my debut novel.

If you are interested in representing me or my project you may contact me at: